The Girl He Never Noticed - Sae Nanahoshi & Lindsay Armstrong

The Girl He Never Noticed

Por Sae Nanahoshi & Lindsay Armstrong

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2012-11-11
  • Género: Mujeres


Liz works for Cam, an entrepreneur who owns businesses all over Australia. Usually Liz is cool and composed on the job, but this time she's in trouble. The woman who was supposed to escort Cam to a party that night cancelled at the last minute! Cam challenges Liz, saying that since she's such a talented secretary, she should be able to take over the job as his escort. Liz decides to show him who she really is under her plain old suit, but when Liz sees a certain someone at the party, she turns white as a sheet and runs from the scene. Now she really has Cam’s attention!.