This Is Windsurfing - Rory Ramsden

This Is Windsurfing

Por Rory Ramsden

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2012-06-05
  • Género: Deportes y vida al aire libre


We are confident that windsurfing has a bright future as one of the critical entry points for young people into the sport of sailing.

Windsurfing remains one of the most exciting, accessible, safe and cost effective forms of sailing today. As an athletic, dynamic and tactical sailing sport, many an illustrious career started in junior windsurf racing and moved on through the youth program to the Olympic fleets and then... Well, Knut can tell that story :)

National Sailing Federations have an obligation to attract new participants to remain viable. Given the success of the Techno 293 as one of the key drivers in training new racing talent, windsurfing will remain integral to any ‘Connect to Sailing’ or Discover Sailing’ program across the World.

Windsurfing deserves its place in the Olympic sailing program for Rio 2016 and long into the future...