First Love (Little Blue Book #1195) - Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

First Love (Little Blue Book #1195)

Por Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 1891-07-19
  • Género: Romance


The First Love And Other Fascinating Stories of Spanish Life. How old was I then? Eleven or twelve years? More probably thirteen, for before then is too early to be seriously in love; but I won't venture to be certain, considering that in Southern countries the heart matures early, if that organ is to blame for such perturbations. I often happened to meet in the street other boys of my age, very proud of their slip of a sweetheart, who would exultingly show me love-letters, photographs, and flowers, and who asked me if I hadn't a sweetheart with whom to correspond. A feeling of inexplicable bashfulness tied my tongue, and I only replied with an enigmatic and haughty smile. Through woman the world was lost, through a woman Spain was lost; but it has never been known, nor do ballads relate, nor the blind beggars sing, nor is it heard in the square or markets, that two valiant men killed each, other for another lover.