Trial by Marriage - Lindsay Armstrong

Trial by Marriage

Por Lindsay Armstrong

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2011-07-15
  • Género: Contemporary


Reform of the rake…?

Sarah Sutherland: Twenty-six years of age, wears horn-rimmed spectacles and works as a schoolteacher: "I suppose you could say I fit everyone's picture of a typical spinster. I wish, though, that the fact I've taken a job in the outback of Australia didn't automatically lead to the assumption that I'm out of here because I can't find a man…or worse, don't want one!

"Cliff Wyatt certainly seems to think he just has to whistle and he can add me to his harem. Luckily, I'm immune to his charms. Or at least I thought I was. Now he's started taking me seriously…and I know I'm in big trouble!"

"Lindsay Armstrong's story commands the reader's attention…."
—Romantic Times on A Difficult Man