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Hypothesis Testing

Por Sumeet Savant

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2019-10-28
  • Género: Gestión y liderazgo


Understanding the concepts of Hypothesis and Hypothesis Testing for Six Sigma, knowing how to perform Hypothesis Tests, understanding the various types of tests and the differences between them has never been easier!

Have you ever wanted to perform Hypothesis Tests for your company's processes?

Have you ever wanted to perform Hypothesis Tests for your customer's processes?

Have you ever wanted to check whether or not your primary hypothesis of your processes is true based on reliable statistical tests?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need look no further.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Mentor and Coach, Sumeet Savant, with more than a decade of experience in executing, leading, and mentoring hundreds of Lean Six Sigma improvement projects brings to you a simple, straight forward, no nonsense book which will enable you understand the concepts of Hypothesis Testing and successfully utilize them to achieve the process improvements you have always dreamt of, quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

He shares his belief: "For process improvements to be considered successful, you need to have a proven statistical methods to test your claims, propositions, and judgements you would make post implementation of the improvements."

Do Act Now and have a LOOK INSIDE the short book to have a brief experience of the immensely valuable information it has in store for you.

With this book, you will get to,

- Know, understand and appreciate what is Hypothesis, and Hypothesis Testing.

- Know, undestand, and appreciate the concepts of Null Hypothesis, Alternate Hypothesis, Test Statistic, Critical Values, Confidence Levels and intervals, Significance levels, Critical Region, Acceptance and Rejection zones, and Distribution Tables in detail.

- Know and understand the Alpha and Beta Errors that occur in the tests.

- Know and understand the steps to conduct Hypothesis tests.

- Know and understand the various types of tests - T Tests, Z Tests, P Tests, F Tests, Chi Square Tests, and ANOVA.

- Know and understand the Goodness of Fit Test and the use of Contingency Tables for finding the relationship between variables.

- Know and understand the various related Distribution Tables.

- Know and understand the scenarios in which you should be using these various tests.

- And know all these and much more in the least number of words possible – to help you improve your processes and reduce process variations faster.

This may very well be the last book you will ever need to learn Hypothesis Testing for Six Sigma and achieve overall improvements in your processes, services, and products.

We are sure about it! And, so will you be!