Advanced iOS: Volume Two - Paul Hudson

Advanced iOS: Volume Two

Por Paul Hudson

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2017-08-11
  • Género: Programación


iOS gives us a whole range of powerful tools to build intelligent apps, and this book helps you get started with them as quickly as possible: Core ML, Vision, ARKit, and more.

- Machine Learning: Take advantage of Core ML to deliver intelligent new apps that can proactively assist your users.

- ARKit: Learn how to augment reality with slick interactive graphics thanks to Apple's new ARKit framework.

- Drag & Drop: Let users move data freely inside your app and others too using powerful new multi-touch gestures.

Plus: NFC reading, PDFKit, Vision, MusicKit, and more!

Advanced iOS: Volume Two includes seven new projects that teach a variety of power features in iOS, plus technique projects that deep-dive into smaller features:

- Project 1: Trade my Tesla – Teach iOS how to evaluate the trade-in price of cars using machine learning.

- Project 2: Sightspotter – Blend augmented reality with Core Location to help tourists find their way around a city.

- Project 3: Going Postal – Create fun postcards using images, text, and colors, all powered by iOS's drag and drop APIs.

- Project 4: Swift Sampler – Learn to render PDFs with watermarks and interactive thumbnails, all using PDFKit.

- Project 5: Picture Protector – Build an app that detects faces in photos and lets users interactively blur any they want.

- Project 6: Name that Tune – Use MusicKit to fetch data from Apple Music and build a fast-paced two-player charts game.

- Project 7: Video X-Ray – Let users record a video while the Vision framework silently detects and records all objects in the scene.

Along the way you'll learn all this and more:

- How to use Core ML and the Vision framework to leverage machine learning in your own apps.

- Building both games and apps from scratch using ARKit's augmented reality technology.

- How to integrate drag and drop into your apps using table views, collection views, and more

- The all-new PDFKit framework, delivering fast and efficient PDF rendering on iOS.

- Using the new depth-mapping APIs exposed through the iPhone camera.

- Automatically detecting and blurring faces using the Vision framework.

- Reading NFC tags using Core NFC.

- Taking advantage of the new MusicKit APIs to work with Apple Music.

- And more – iOS is packed with new features to learn!

If you want to take advantage of the incredible functionality provided in iOS, there's no faster way than Advanced iOS: Volume Two.