Tintin in Tibet - Hergé

Tintin in Tibet

Por Hergé

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 1958-01-01
  • Género: Novelas gráficas


“In Tintin in Tibet, I gave up the comic artist’s whole range of instruments: no “villain"", no weapons, no fights, except for the ones that pit man versus himself and versus the elements.” –Hergé

Chang returns! Sadly, his plane crashes in the mountains of Tibet. Convinced that his friend is alive, Tintin drags Haddock into an expedition that shows the true meaning of friendship. Even with the Yeti, the mythical animal. But is he really an ""animal""?
Tintin, perhaps one of the most famous cartoon heroes of all time, is as much a child of the 20th century as his creator, Georges Remi—aka Hergé (1907-1983). Tintin’s adventures, marked by his inquisitiveness, sense of mystery and witty humour, are deeply rooted in the events of that tumultuous era.

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