AutoCAD 2018 for the Interior Designer - Dean Muccio

AutoCAD 2018 for the Interior Designer

Por Dean Muccio

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2017-05-08
  • Género: Ordenadores


• No prior AutoCAD experience is required 
• Created specifically for interior designers
• Uses interior space planning tutorials 
• Focused around a hotel suite project 
• Covers AutoCAD for both Macs and PCs 

Focused around a hotel suite project, AutoCAD 2018 for the Interior Designer provides the Interior Designer with a non-intimidating, tutorial based, approach to learning AutoCAD. It accomplishes this by taking readers that have no computer design experience from simple commands to complete projects in this easy to follow text. This well organized and progressive approach to learning AutoCAD sets this text apart from others. To support all users, this book covers AutoCAD for both Macs and PCs.

The emphasis of this book is on easy to understand descriptions and instructions, allowing the non-technical, artistic, visual learning Interior Designer to quickly get past the fear of using the computer to produce drawings. The focus is entirely on the use of AutoCAD for the Interior Design field and not simply architectural drawings.

Chapters alternate between command descriptions, which are organized by a command set category, and tutorials. This allows students to easily refer back to command descriptions without hunting through a tutorial that introduces commands as it progresses. The emphasis is on the practical use of commands using the AutoCAD ribbon workspace, rather than the multiple (and seldom used) command options.

Multiple tutorials of the hotel suite, which includes floor plan, elevation views, dimensioning, and plotting, provide a practical application of the commands learned in the preceding chapters. Completely dimensioned drawings are provided at the beginning of each tutorial so that the advanced readers, or an instructor led class, can complete them without going through the step-by-step process.

After completing this book you will be able to create all your 2-D Interior Design work using AutoCAD.

Table of Contents

1.   Getting Started with AutoCAD 
2.   Setting up and Intro to AutoCAD 
3.   Commands - Set 1: Drawing Constructions - Getting Started 
4.   Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 1 
5.   Commands - Set 2: Working with Your Drawing 
6.   Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 2 
7.   Commands - Set 3: Laying out Your Drawing for Printing 
8.   Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 3 
9.   Commands - Set 4: Re-Using Objects and Getting Organized 
10. Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 4 
11. Commands - Set 5: Annotating Your Drawing 
12. Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 5 
13. Commands - Set 6: Creating and Editing Schedules 
14. Commands - Set 7: Creating Curves and Rendering 
15. Miscellaneous - Techniques, Commands and Options