Beginner's Guide to Google Sheets - Barrie Roberts

Beginner's Guide to Google Sheets

Por Barrie Roberts

  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2019-06-21
  • Género: Software


Google Sheets is a wonderful tool but if you are new to it, it can be a little daunting. In this book I'll take you step-by-step through the different areas of Google Sheets, starting from the very basics to more advanced areas, so that you are able to use Google Sheets with confidence.

1-The basics
2-Cell formatting
3-Formatting your data
4-Basic functions and formulas
5-Controlling rows and columns (part 1)
6-Controlling rows and columns (part 2)
7-Cell referencing
8-Moving, copying, pasting
9-Moving beyond one sheet
11-Downloading, emailing & sharing
12-Filtering your data
13-Conditional formatting & custom formulas
14-Sorting your data
15-Merging your data
16-Notes and comments
18-Creating charts (part 1)
19-Creating charts (part 2)
20-Alternating Colours in a table
21-Inserting hyperlinks
22-The Explore tool
23-Data validation
24-Removing duplicates & trimming whitespace
25-Version & cell edit history